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“Crafty Kids Crate” delivers a variety of DIY art projects that incorporate a positive, interactive and engaging experience. We inspire creative thinking, and we encourage participants to find their inner artist!

Each art project incorporates FUN, interactive activities designed to find and encourage exploration of one’s environments. Our project’s steps will enhance the development of gross, fine and visual motor skills. We inspire children to learn about conservation through using found objects in nature along with recycled materials and the importance of upcycling in each art project. You will notice that the packaging of each kit utilizes natural and recycled materials to support the environment and minimize waste.

MOST OF ALL, the act of CREATING THE ART will assist participants in learning more about the world around them, while giving them a sense of accomplishment. Participants will have an “AHA MOMENT” where they are proud to say “I CREATED THIS, I AM AN ARTIST!”

Scaling ideas are provided with each activity to include a variety of age groups and to target various levels of learning. Adult assistance should be provided as needed, and adult supervision for safety should always be provided when completing art activities. “Crafty Kids Crate” is not designed to take the place of educational curriculum or direct therapeutic services. “Crafty Kids Crate” is an AWESOME supplemental art based activity.


Kristin Heidbreder (aka KIKI)
Owner of “Crafty Chassis”
Director of Art and Creator of “Crafty Kids Crate”

Allison Poley

Allison Poley

Occupational Therapist, MS, OTR/L
Co-Creator of “Crafty Kids Crate”

Welcome Allison Poley!

Allison Poley is a pediatric occupational therapist, practicing since 2002. She is passionate about helping all children be as independent as possible by learning new skills through play and exploration. Allison has worked in a variety of settings such as: private practice, hospitals, early intervention, and public school systems. Allison has specialty certifications in sensory integration and praxis, and advanced training in- sensory integration, feeding therapy, and orthopedics.

Artistic Season Tree

Explore nature and learn more about trees. Artists will incorporate natural elements, upcycled materials and develop artistic techniques in their creation.

Honey Bee Stained Glass

Explore nature and learn more about how the honey bee is the world’s most important pollinator. Human’s need bees to pollinate plants that produce fresh food for our consumption and survival. Artists will learn new techniques on how to use glue and tissue paper to create a beautiful stained glass effect.