Mobile Arts & Crafts Truck. A Creative Space. Art for Everyone.

Denver based Crafty Chassis Owner and Creator Kristin Heidbreder has always had a passion for the arts. Handicrafts have been a part of multi-cultural societies for thousands of years.

The original Arts and Crafts Movement occurred internationally in the late eighteen hundreds. This movement continues to grow today with various DIY brick and mortar studios that offer artistic classes around the city.

These studios along with the growing food truck and fashion truck craze helped to inspire Kristin to transform a box truck into a mobile arts and crafts studio. Kristin believes art is therapy, and her goal is to bring friends, family and strangers together in social settings and stimulate the right side of the brain.

“As a Colorado native I’ve seen our city and state grow culturally. Denver has become more progressive and supportive of entrepreneurs who think out of the box. The idea of a mobile art truck popped into my head and I knew I needed to listen to the universe to make it happen. Now I’m the proud owner of a 12 foot box truck that has been converted into it’s own piece of art to create a mobile studio.”